• iPhone 4.0″ for sure
  • Galaxy 4.8″ not to Mention
  • Optimus 5.5″ enough for
  •  One touch Grip slot
  • Slide elevation system
  • Permanently restore with water or wet towel
  • Easily attached on Dashboard and anywhere inside CAR
  • Conveniently use in Indoor



DashCrab fx

  • up to 115mm / up to 6 inch
  • iPhone 4.0″ for sure
  • Galaxy 4.8″ not to mention
  • Galaxy Note 5.7″ enough for
  • Universal mount for smart phones and other things

Smartphone car holder with easy single-hand mounting


Mounting smartphone in a car holder is much inconvenient than using already installed car navigation system. Users also have to endure annoyingness to release smartphones whenever getting off cars and it is nessassiry to fix smartphones tightly to avoid any potential problem due to dropping. And the mounting operation during the driving can cause car accidents.

“nineBridge Dash Crab FX” is a big clip style car mount holder which secures smartphone with clothespin-shaped holding arms. This smartphone holder can be compatible with device width from 4”inch up to 6” smartphones. The way to use is similar to the usage of paper clip.Users can place smartphones in the mount opening the clip type holding parts with only one hand.

To secure a smartphone without any scratches, synthetic rubber pads are attached in the inside of each arms. And it can be used conveniently regardless of locations of smartphone charging terminal or earphone hole thanks to the 360° rotation ability. Super strong suction cup is made of silicone and boasts better adhesive power. It can be stick more tightly when drawing handle at the rear of the car mount.

“Dash Crab Duet” ismore installing convenient oriented. It is sliding type car mount holding a smartphone with the support pad and adjustable slides which are fastened with springs. It offers an easy one-touch mount system that secures a smartphone into the holder with single-hand. The device fits smartphones from 4” to 5” Galaxy Note4 and G3. It is easy to pull out smartphone from the bottom side without much effort.

Inverted triangle shaped rubbers in the slides keep smartphone safe and secure. Fully adjustableslides make quick portrait and landscape views available. It is good choice for users who want convenient car mount holder.

Kim Sang Yeon, Smartphone car holder with easy single-hand mounting , cnet|Korea

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