Most effective way to organize tentaclecables


It is annoying to organize several adapters, cables and multi-taps under the desk. Tangled wires including plugs for main power supply, monitors, internet sharers and printers look messy and this can cause electricity safety accidents.

“nineBridge Plug Pot” is an innovative product to provide most convenient and effective way to organize cables. Users can place every plugs and adapters in the plenty of containing space as of 5 Liter in the product. The device is designed for only power cable to be pulled out from the main body for neat environment. In case of additional adaptor for temporary use, the spare consent is placed on the top of the product.

How to use: Turn the product upside down and pass plugs & adaptors through cables holes. Connect the plugs and adapters to the consents inside the product and close the cover. The product can contain small accepters for internet sharer or internet phone to big size adapter for monitor. Five consents are equipped inside of the product and spare consent is placed in the top cover.

The potential heating problem is solved by cable holes in the bottom. The holes prevent the increase of internal temperature caused by the operation of several adapters in the limited space. And the circuit breaker is embedded in case of an overcurrent or power overload. It supports up to 16A 2,800W and 2 colors, black and brown are available.


by Kim Sang Yeon,  Most effective way to organize tentaclecables , CNET|Korea

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