Storage type multiple-tap of minimal design

Cases “Plug Pot”

New concept interior item that organizes cables and reduces power consumption




Multi Tap VS Plug Pot











New perspective for electricity savings

The design which attracts the fingertip

Let’s show multiple-tap confidently with no hiding



There’s NO concern about a disorderly line arrangement

Conveniently turn the power switch ON/OFF via placed outside

PUSH only products that are used in reachable place ~







Protect safely

Trustable by KS certification of principle of safety that

principle of safety that doesn’t compromise with quality.




Smart design that consider of heating and ventilation



Various applications depend on the life style


  • Any environment in the office/family

  • Any place in the living-room/the kitchen/the table

  • ‘Plug pot’ makes an appointment for pleasant change





1. Hold body like the following image and pull the cover towards arrow direction and lift up.



2. Take the multi-tap cables out via the hold at the bottom. Set the cable direction by consider of installing position. Furl the remained power cable to multi-tap side and insert into fixed home.





3. Pass power plug and adaptor via inside of box at the bottom of box hole. Separate power terminal part and then re-assemble in the inside of box, for the adapter that is impossible pass through the bottom hole.


4.  Turn the cover over and plug in the multiple-tap outlet. Folding well the remained wires and arrange them an inner space of box. Using an arranging strap or a rubber band is convenient



  1. Press to close the multiple-tap cover



  1. Arrange the discharged out cables to desired direction by using cable access at the bottom.





Read the following cautions before use for preventing a fire and electric shock accident.

  • Use product only in the place where there are 3-wire grounded outlet and residual current circuit-breaker set
  • Don’t disassemble product or change product structure, and please avoid using it in moist and humid place.
  • Don’t use product when fixing or tying cord on screw, staple, in a door.
  • Please make sure that cord is fully inserted into the wall outlet.
  • Total using capacity is less than 16A, 2800W, and please use only one electric heating appliance
  • Don’t put chopsticks, steel stick into outlet hole, and remove dusts and foreign substance frequently.
  • Don’t use overload products like electric heat water, air conditioner, hot-air blower.
  • Please press reset button that is in the multi-tap only when overload protection device works and power blocked off, if you press this button when you use product, it may be broken.

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