Dash Crab 2 car mount for iPhone 6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus, galaxy s6/S6 edge


NineBridge DASH CRAB 2


The originality of the smart phone holder,DASH CRAB

Smart phone, combined with navigator.

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Product Description



Not only use for mount, but also be must have item for desk stand of your smart phones Easily attach & secure vacuum base on dash board




Dash Crab 2 galaxy s6 edge apple watch

car mount for iPhone 6/5s/5c/4s, Samsung galaxy  S6 edge/S6/S5/S4/S3 (Dash Crab)

Easily, Quickly and Safely!

The navigation with smartphone is available by larger LCD size and application setting!

If use smartphone as a navigation, it should be easily removable unlike the navigation always mounted in vehicle.

DASHCRAB2 is the world’s first ONE HAND MOUNTING SYSTEM, it mounting and removing all kinds of smartphones easily, quickly and safely.





EDashcrab2 Hold ALL Kinds OF Smartphones Tightly!

Compatible With All Kinds Of Smartphones (Universal Type)

Dashcrab FX is able to mount any kinds of smartphone models by universal type which compatible with all kinds of smartphone devices(up to 6”).

From Galaxy Note to iPhone -Just hold with dashcrab FX






Simple and convenient use without case separating!

Simple and convenient use without case separating!

Simple and intuitive tongs type design allows simple holding of Dashcrab without case separating. You can also hold thick smartphone case without separating it.





Application of double fixing system

Absorption rate of world-class level!

Circular gel of natural rubber material and gel type sucker of double fixed suction side are able to fix not only onto glass, also onto car dashboard, and doesn’t leave marks when remove.





Always like the first time, even in long term use

Permanent usable gel type sucker plate

If get dust or impurity on, wash it with running water. Then it can be used permanently by restored absorption like the first time.



• If suction gel get dust or impurity on when using, wash it with running water, then the absorption will be restored.




Easy and strong mount by compression fixing lever

Press compression fixing lever of back to pull the sucker plate and fix strongly.





Can be mounted in a variety of ways,

like dashboard, front glass etc.

It is able to attach anywhere strongly that you desire, by dual fixing type of gel type sucker plate and fixing lever. Like car dashboard, front glass etc.




360º Adjustable angle rotating ball joint!

It can be adjust to an optimum angle easily in any direction and position, by application of strong durable ball joint which can be rotated 360º(up/down, and vertical/horizontal).





Anti-slip silicone pad hold my cell phone tightly!

Top/bottom strongly packed silicone pad has excellent restoration power, its soft material can fix device safely without scratch, and it will never miss my precious smartphone although sudden stop happens.








Can be utilized in various applications, as well as vehicles

Dashcrab can be utilized in various spaces. Like desk, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom etc.








Can be utilized in various applications, as well as vehicles




How to install Dashcrab

It can be installed on dashboard and glass section in the car or other various material surfaces simply and quickly. It will never drop or shake after installation through strong suction plate and compression fixing lever, and there is no suction plate print on installation section when removing it.



  1. Wipe surface of installation part
  2. Remove sticker adhered on suction plate, and adhere it on desired location
  3. Press fixing lever for fixing it again.
  4. Hold device with one hand and raise bottom tongs of holder for holding
  5. Control angle and fix head
  6. DASHCRAB FX installation completion


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Weight 80 kg

black, white


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