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The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are now on sale in the UK, and the S7 Active may well be coming soon. We present our complete guide to the Galaxy S7, covering everything from the Galaxy S7 UK release date, Galaxy S7 UK price, Galaxy S7 features and Galaxy S7 specifications to details on Samsung’s Galaxy upgrade programme. Plus: Google’s March security update now rolling out to S7 edge in the UK. Also see: Samsung Galaxy S7 review and Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
After producing the best phone of 2015, there’s a lot of pressure on Samsung to come up with the next Samsung Galaxy phone that everyone will want. Not only will it have to go up against the current iPhone 6S, but new devices such as the LG G5 which has caused a stir with its new design including an accessory slot. Also see: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5.
Samsung says the new Galaxy S7 phones are ‘created for today’s mobile lifestyle’. Find out how they will compete with the opposition in our piece: the best phones coming in 2016. You can also check out our individual Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review and Samsung Galaxy S7 review.
Finally, our colleagues at Macworld UK have conceded that the S7 may even have the iPhone beaten on a few fronts. See their comparison review, iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Three things Samsung does better.

Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge release date and price UK, Samsung upgrade programme

Those who pre-ordered before 5 March will have received the phone early on 8 March, and received a free Gear VR headset. Also see: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7.
The S7 is priced at £569 and the S7 edge is £639, and are available to buy from Samsung here. Do note, though, that if you buy from Samsung today, you shouldn’t expect to receive the phone until 22 March.
Before you rush out and buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, however, note that Samsung phones are notorious for rapidly dropping in price in the few months following their launch. Idealo suggests you could see a price drop of up to 21 percent within three months.
Not everyone is prepared to wait, though, and Carphone Warehouse is already reporting preorders are exceeding expectations. In the first 48 hours following launch, it saw preorders for the new phone up 200 percent on the Galaxy S6. You can pre-order from Carphone Warehouse here.
A problem for many people will be that they buy the Galaxy S7 and then a year down the line will want the new Galaxy S8 (expected Galaxy S8 release date: March 2017), but will be tied into a two-year contract. Samsung offers an upgrade programme for £24.58 per month whereby you will receive the latest Galaxy S-series flagship every 12 months. Click here to find out more details on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 upgrade programme.
The Samsung Galazy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge will also be available in 24K gold, platinum and 8k rose gold. These are sold in a wooden box with a wireless charger and Gear VR. The 24k gold Galaxy S7 costs £1700 plus VAT (£2040 inc VAT), while the 24k gold S7 edge costs £1800 plus VAT (£2160 inc VAT). For the platinum model you’ll pay £1800 plus VAT (£2160 inc VAT) for the S7 and £1900 plus VAT (£2280 inc VAT) for the edge. Finally, for rose gold the S7 is priced at £1750 plus VAT (£2100 inc VAT) and the S7 edge at £1850 plus VAT (£2220 inc VAT). If you have a spare couple of grand to spend, visit Truly Exquisite.

Will there be a Samsung Galaxy S7 Active?

The fact the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are now waterproof may lead you to think there won’t be a Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. But that didn’t stop Samsung with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy S5 Active.
Notorious leakster Evan Blass (@evleaks) has tweeted an image that suggests AT&T is testing a handset known as the G891A. That’s important because the Galaxy S6 Active was codenamed G890A. It’s likely that this new handset is its successor.
However, those in the UK are likely to be once again disappointed if they are hoping to get a Galaxy Active handset over here. This one could well be another AT&T exclusive.

Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge specs and new features

The Galaxy S7 edge is now reportedly receiving Google’s March security update in the UK. The 74.38MB update is achieved OTA, and offers several important fixes to various vulnerabilities within Android. Also see: How to update Android.
Let’s kick off with what aren’t technically new features but things which Samsung has decided to bring back on the Galaxy S7 models. Fans disappointed with the Galaxy S6’s lack of waterproofing and expandable storage will be pleased with the news, indeed. The S7 features an IP68 rating which Samsung is pitching at water-resistant and a Micro-SD card slot which can take up to 200GB cards. Even better, you can move apps to SD!
Colours include Black Onyx, Gold Platinum and the edge will also come in Silver Titanium – although we saw a regular model in this colour at the launch event.
The third big thing being requested by users is a removable battery but the news isn’t so great on this front. Although the battery is bigger – 3000mAh for the S7 and 3600mAh on the edge model – it’s stuck inside the phone. Samsung got two out of three, at least.
You’re probably wondering whether Samsung has opted for a USB Type-C port which we’ve seen on a number of devices in recent months. The answer is no which we think is a little odd, instead the Galaxy S7 phones have the same Micro-USB port. The phones also only support Quick Chrge 2.0 not the new 3.0 as Samsung told us it didn’t see the value.


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