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Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S7 edge plus: What’s the story so far?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was undoubtedly one of the hit devices of 2015, especially the edge model(s). Samsung needed to shift-up design and it did, refining the appearance of the handset, as well as making essential tweaks to the user interface.
But the day of the SGS6 is done and attention turns to Samsung’s next Galaxy. It’ll presumably be called the Galaxy S7, considering Samsung tends to keep its phone-naming conventions pretty steady, and we’re also pretty sure we know when the Galaxy S7 will be released (again, based on history/Samsung’s pattern of releasing flagship smartphones). There is of course still plenty we don’t know.
Like, what will the Galaxy S7 feature? What does it look like? What kind of specs does it have? As we learn more about Samsung’s next phone, we will update this piece. This is your go-to place for finding the latest answers to all your Galaxy S7-related questions, be that the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, or Samsung Galaxy S7 edge+.
Samsung Galaxy S7: Release date
The Galaxy S6 launched at MWC 2015 and the Galaxy S5 at MWC 2014. We therefore think the Galaxy S7 will release during MWC 2016 in February. If that happens, you can expect the phone to hit store shelves five weeks later, towards late March or early April.
A semi-reliable source from Twitter claimed Samsung’s plans coincide with Mobile World Congress 2016, with the an event set for 21 February, the Sunday before MWC formally kicks off.
Nowehreelse.fr also says the device will appear on 20 or 21 February. Some sources think that the SGS7 will make an early appearance, with SamMobile suggesting the Galaxy S7 will be released earlier than usual, pegging a January announcement and early February release date.
During a China Mobile conference in December, the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S7 looks to have been leaked. The leak showed a chart, which was photographed by a Weibo micro-blogger, announcing the phone’s reveal date will be in February.

pocket lint news 135386 samsung galaxy s7 s7 edge s7 edge plus what the story
Samsung Galaxy S7: Design

One of the biggest surprises with the SGS6 was the launch of two models. All the rumours so far predict that Samsung will again be launching multiple models, offering flat and curved “edge” displays.
SamMobile said Samsung will continue to release two variants of its flagship smartphone. One has the model number SM-G930 and a flat display, while the other has the model number SM-G935 and a dual-edge curved display. Both variants are codenamed Project Lucky and are being internally referred to as the Hero and Hero2, respectively.
The Galaxy S6 brought an overhauled design to the flagship line, so we’re not expecting any radical changes for the next cycle upgrade. There’s been a rumour that claimed it’ll be built from a different type of metal, a magnesium-based alloy, to be specific. These claims are supported by leaked cases from ITSkins that shows the S7 looking similar to the current S6, although this could be the case manufacturer trying to grab some headlines.
There’s been plenty of talk about multiple handsets, with regular tipster @evleaks tweeting a graphic of the three names Galaxy S7, S7 edge and S7 edge+, making a strong case that we’ll see all three of these models from Samsung this year.

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